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Our Needs

Our Needs

Some children need temporary financial support/shelter, till their near ones can care for them again.Cogf provides temporary support so that that the children are not drawn to the street or fall into wrong hands. Cogf also sponsors’ the education of the children who have left cogf. These children are now living on their own and wish to study further

Child sponsorship Rs. 4000 (Food, hostel facilities, clothing, travel, etc)
One time meal Rs. 3500
Sponsor a childs education Rs. 1000 (education per child)
Sponser a birthday Rs. 1500
Scholarship for undergraduate Rs. 10000 (education per child)
Plant a sapling Rs. 250


Figures mentioned above are per month, per child You can send a D.D or cheque or money order in the name of ‘CHILDREN OF GOD FOUNDATION’

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