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Programs that work to prevent children from taking to the streets through education, family and community support.


  • ♦ Residential rehabilitation programs - C.O.G.F aims at providing an environment isolated from the streets where activities are focused on assisting children to recover from addictions, different forms of abuse with the help of medical practitioner & counsellors. Providing quality education and reintegrating the child back into the society as a responsible adult.


These work to alleviate the worst aspects of street life for children by providing services to them in the streets. We intend to provide following service,

  • ♦ Outreach
  • ♦ Health (One Time Nutrious Meal)
  • ♦ Documentation
  • ♦ Education
  • ♦ Rehabilitation
  • ♦ Life Skill Training
  • ♦ Skill Training

Outreach programs designed to bring the children into closer contact with us (field visits, workshops & VBS)


Change street children’s attitude to their circumstances-view themselves as an oppressed minority and become protagonists rather than passive recipient of aid.

"C.O.G.F is a movement to enrich the life of street kids through God's love, better security and through right education."

People of different background pour into Mumbai every day for various reasons. Many poor people who migrate to this great city for work often find themselves living in streets and railway stations. As the parents go to work for daily wages, children find themselves free to beg or just play aimlessly without education or guidance. Some of the children in the streets are runaways also. These children adapt to the street life eventually and refrain from living a normal child’s life. The street life robs their innocence and childhood which eventually ruins their lives.

It all began with spending few hours with these children at Kurla and Thane stations during weekends. Later workshops were conducted to teach them about cleanliness, importance of education. Counselling sessions during the workshops helped many children to cope up with their family problems, abuse and poverty. But after a joyful time of workshop, the children returned to the same environment of abuse, incest, drugs, assault, etc. All the value and teaching they received in the workshop were lost in pain of their existence. Thus, we began to see the need to provide accommodation for a child who attended our workshop. On 21st July, 2006, a ‘RESIDENTIAL INFORMAL SCHOOLING’ was started in a rented place and a Trust named ‘CHILDREN OF GOD FOUNDATION’ was registered. COGF serves the homeless and marginalized kids by providing them a safe environment to learn and grow into responsible individual.

C.O.G.F aims at reaching out to these children through our Outreach program, they then become involved in step-in center programs, though still living in the streets. Later if a child is ready to change his / her life, then the child is taken under our care and rehabilitated under our Rehabilitation projects according to the child’s age where he or she becomes gradually & fully separated from street life.

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